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About Jackie

The first question people often ask me is how did I develop my style, and how did I create images that stand out in today's highly competitive market. Well, I have a huge appreciation for photography, art, light, and creativity.  My approach to fine art photography is about melting an idea with compelling composition. For me, it's all about making something beautiful.  My goal is to create unique, energetic, and timeless images, that captivate the viewers attention.  

I am humbled to say that I  have been published in many magazines around the world including, Brides & Wedding, Trends Wedding and Lifestyle, The Primrose Bridal Journal, The Knot, Embrace Beauty, High Flying, Dreamy Magazine, and Prom Girl.

The ability to create art with every session and still develop strong connections with others allows me to continue to develop my creativity.  And I'm ready to create yours!


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Wedding day Merced
Bride and groom first dance
Lavendar dress portrait
Wedding day at City Hall San Francisco
Bridal portrait session


When clients hire me, they are hiring me for my ability to tell their story.  Being able to bring a story together by creating stunning portraits that bring you back into the moment is what my work is best recognized for.  Being a fine art wedding photographer means I take the time to create a storyline for my clients that will be truly magical.  I want my clients to look back on one of the biggest days of their lives and feel like they are right there again, back in that moment. Feeling everything they felt at that very same moment in time.  I will make sure I will document your wedding in the most beautiful way possible.  


My job is to document those special moments to encapsulate memories in a tangible form, so my clients can pass down their memories to future generations. Throughout a typical portrait session, I will lead my clients in different scenarios and have them react to me naturally.  Reaction always produces the most genuine emotions, rather than actions. Most of my clients tell me they don't even feel like it was a portrait session. It felt more like a typical Saturday afternoon stroll in the park with their favorite person.  Every wedding or portrait session is unique, and offers an opportunity for a love story to be told in completely different ways.  I am happy to be able to tell your story, and document your life's most special moments.  

Wedding day mother and daughter

let's work together


"Striking a balance between timeless elegance, and genuine in-between moments - Jackie's work captures your entire celebration.  With a simple, straightforward approach, and a desire to capture people as they truly are - her galleries are filled with unique connectionsdiscreet gazes, and vivacious joy."



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