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An Enchanting Celebration

That Exceeded

all expectations

Rohana & Sujay

December 13, 2021

After meeting at Lomalinda University, Rohana and Sujay "immediately hit it off", says the bride.  After studying together obtaining their physical therapist degrees' Rohana and Sujay spent more time dreaming of their future and wedding day - when life threw them a curve ball.  Rohana and Sujay were planning to get married in India with the presence of their family, but when the pandemic hit, it was clear that wasn't going to happen.  However, instead of waiting on a wedding day in India they planned a beautiful elopement in San Francisco accompanied by close family, friends, and the brides sister.  



This San Francisco elopement was classy and elegant accompanied with many grand golden architectural designs that highlighted the perfect wedding day for Rohana and Sujay.  One magical element was the white rabbit they share together, the

Wedding day-65.jpg
Wedding day-51.jpg
Wedding day-9.jpg
Wedding day-4.jpg
Wedding day-8.jpg
Wedding day-16.jpg
Wedding day-56.jpg
Wedding day-54.jpg
Wedding day-57.jpg
Wedding day-15.jpg
Wedding day-59.jpg
Wedding day-13.jpg
Wedding day-60.jpg
Wedding day-62.jpg
Wedding day-18.jpg
Wedding day-23.jpg
Wedding day-22.jpg
Wedding day-40.jpg
Wedding day-96 copy.jpg
Wedding day-104.jpg
Wedding day-88.jpg
Wedding day-77.jpg
Wedding day-190.jpg
Wedding day-82.jpg
Wedding day-193.jpg
Wedding day-154.jpg
Wedding day-156.jpg
Wedding day-151.jpg
Wedding day-147.jpg
Wedding day-188.jpg
Wedding day-195.jpg
Wedding day-197.jpg
Wedding day-209.jpg
Wedding day-221.jpg
Wedding day-189.jpg
San Francisco elopement
Wedding day-200_edited.jpg
Wedding day-205.jpg
Wedding day-226.jpg
Wedding day-203.jpg

Such a speical day, and I was honored to be apart of it.


Jackie O.

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