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 Jonell and Vince chose to celebrate their wedding day at a private estate located in Atwater, California. In sharing their love story, it was very important to both of them that the ceremony and celebration take place surrounded by the ones they love most, close family and friends.  Their elegant ceremony took place in the outdoor garden area which blended seamlessly into an evening of delicious food and great music.  The Bride and Grooms table was beautifully decorated in the elegant outdoor area of the estate.
You would truly be hard pressed to find two more caring, loving, and kind people than Jonell and Vince.   Their stunning wedding day was a perfect reflection of the love they share and the joyful future ahead.  After sharing an impeccable dinner catered  Jeremy and Candice Kohen, the reception following for all their guests was filled with energetic dancing that lasted well into the night.

Photography: Jadedphotography2020 | Florist: Selina Capriano | Venue: Private Estate | Dress Designer: Melissa Sweet | Catering: Jeremy Koehn and Candice Washburn  | Bakery: Jamie Mello | Beauty: Paula Perry & Danielle Villanueva

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