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Traditional Charro Wedding at

Sacred Heart Church

Nayeli & Erick

September 18, 2021

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for Nayeli and Erick as they said their vows at the well known Sacred Heart Catholic Church, located in Merced, California.  All of the details came together seamlessly from the gorgeous attire to the beautiful blush dresses and elegant church. The day started off with capturing special details of the bride and her bridesmaids.   She was escorted in classic 1970 Bellaire to the church!  As Nayeli pulled up to the church she was the envy of everyone around her.  At Sacred Heart Erick and Nayeli shared their vows with one another in the beautiful church with their closest family and friends. 


 I’m still getting butterflies in my stomach when I think back to their day. I could relive their day over and over again! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things in store for Mr. & Mrs. Perez!

Erick & Nayeli-3.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-389_edited.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-391.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-117_edited.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-61_edited.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-412.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-409.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-418.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-411.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-421.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-428.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-450.jpg
Wedding -81.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-462.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-510.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-550.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-557.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-561.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-633.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-653.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-631.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-627.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-645.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-667.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-636.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-329.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-343.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-342.jpg
Erick & Nayeli-756.jpg

As we talked about the vision for this day, these two wanted to only focus on celebrating with family and some pretty fun traditions.  I am so grateful to be here for you two.  Wishing these two a lifetime of love and happiness.  

- Jackie O.

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