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Engagement session guide

posted on 

June 01, 2023

You’ve booked your dream wedding, and now it's time to reserve your photographer.  Helpful tips when you schedule with me. There are often so many questions – where would you like to shoot, what will you wear, and how do I learn to be comfortable in front of a camera?! Here is your ultimate guide to a successful engagement session with me. Full of simple, clear advice to help you prepare and approach your engagement session with excitement and confidence!


Wear something that makes you feel confident.
Make sure your outfits suit the location, aim for coordinating colors rather than matching, and wear something that you feel confident in! Avoid clothing that emphasizes areas you’re insecure about or doesn’t fit quite right. So instead of ordering a new dress that’s going to arrive the day before the shoot, make sure to plan ahead. Ask your photographer for Pinterest inspiration boards and style the outfit ahead of time. Your engagement session is also the perfect time to schedule your hair/makeup trail!


Go in with an open mind!
The more open, candid, and affectionate you guys are, the better! Enjoy sharing in each other’s company. I know it can be awkward with a camera there, but try to just be YOU. Our mindset shapes our reality. Come to your shoot with the intention to have fun, laugh, and share romantic moments with your fiancé and you will not be disappointed!


You can never over communicate! The more you tell your photographer about your vision, the better. Be very specific. Is there a certain side of your profile you prefer to be photographed on over the other? Do you love more editorial poses? Are you uncomfortable taking photos? Tell me all your concerns! Tell me if you need these photos for a save the date or if you need a really good horizontal one for your wedding website. Show me your Pinterest boards! The more you tell me, the more I can adjust so that your experience and your photos are exactly what you want.


Your session should feel like you. 
Do you love to travel together? Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? Did you get engaged in Central Park? Do you want your images to look like they’re from a magazine? Or maybe you’d prefer a quiet lifestyle session at home in your remodeled kitchen? Your engagement session should feel like YOU. The location should have a sweet meaning to you both. Your outfits should make you feel amazing, and any props (champagne, anyone?!) should represent your love story. Investing in a bouquet from your wedding florist is a popular choice! Above all, keep it simple. One location, one outfit. This really allows you to enjoy the moment without being rushed to change or move on to the next location. And it will give you stunning and consistent images in your gallery! Remember that this is about YOU, so let’s make it showcase your love and your story.


Once you’ve communicated your vision, trust me to execute it. Don’t try to copy moments you saw on Pinterest or on your photographer’s website. Be in the moment and trust me to see all the little details you communicated to me! This is why building a relationship with your photographer is so important. I’ll lightly direct you and guide you into beautiful candids moments while finding the best light, backgrounds, and angles. Trust me to marry both your vision with my own to deliver stunning images that are consistent with my brand. It’s a genuine honor to photograph each of my couples and I truly care about getting the best possible images so you can share these photographs for generations to come.

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