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So, you've just got engaged to the partner of your dreams.  Yay! Now it's time to plan your big day the way you've always envisioned.  If you're like most. people, you plan to go all out.  You wan the biggest, most expensive venues and the most elegant wedding invitation that money can buy.  You want to invite just about everyone you know.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made the typical 100+ wedding impossible.  With new government restrictions on weddings and other social gatherings, now is the perfect time to consider the option of either an elopement or an intimate wedding.  But even without a pandemic, there are so many benefits of an intimate wedding!

Create Less Stress


Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful.  There is a great deal of pressure to have the perfect wedding.  Everyone has an opinion about every little decision, which creates even more pressure to please them.  A smaller wedding means you won't have to entertain loads of people or their opinions.  The handful of exclusive people you choose will be the most important individuals in you life.

Allows You to Focus on What's Important


Some couples want a big wedding because they want lots of laughter, dancing, and heartfelt speeches for a happy marriage.  You can have all their with an intimate wedding, but it's even better.  They always say your wedding day will go by in a flash.  And it really does!

The difference with smaller and more intimate weddings is that it allows you to have all the above with the most important people in your life.  Choosing a select few guests will allow you to spend your big day with the people closest to you.  It also allows you to incorporate more unique activities that really mean something to you.  This makes the celebration more special and forces you to understand that weddings are really about which is celebrating the love and commitment of you to lovebirds!

Saves a Lot of Cake


A smaller, more intimate wedding will literally and figuratively save you a lot of cake.  Having fewer guests means saving more money on catering, floral arrangements, and drinks.  Having more money means that you could spend the money on other things like a longer honeymoon or splurge on other aspects of the wedding.  Going smaller doesn't necessarily mean that you can't go big.  With less people, you can focus on quality over quantity.  Some couples love intimate weddings since it gives them the ability to really spend the money on what they really want and make their wedding dreams a reality.  A smaller head-count will allow you to splurge on everything from the venue, and the decor to the photographer.

Makes For Better Wedding Photos



Wedding photography is important because it provides long-lasting memories of your special day.  Intimate weddings can provide unique and organic photos that larger weddings can't.  Because your guest list is made up of the people who you hold dearest, your photos will display real emotions and will have more meaning that will create a warm and fuzzy feeling when you look at them down the years.

While there are plenty of benefits to a smaller, more intimate wedding.  It's understandable that smaller weddings aren't for everyone.  It's also important to see an open mind during this time of uncertainly.  Whether you chose an elopement, a wedding, or a large wedding, it is important to remember the purpose of this gathering is love.

Need some help?? 

Contact us, and Kim will be in touch with you to help you every step of the way. Contact us to check if your date is available.

Florence, Italy

Kim, Italy 2020



Aquarium of the Bay

Aventine (now closed)

The Box

Bluxome Winery

Chapel of Our Lady


Coup D’Etat

The Conservatory of Flowers

De Young Museum (Tower)

Firehouse 8 (now closed)

Foreign Cinema

Fort Mason General’s Residence

Golden Gate Club, Presidio

Great American Music Hall

InterContinental San Francisco

Log Cabin, Presidio

The Lost Church 

Lafayette Park 

Mission Amphitheater (SoMa)

The Officers Club, Presidio

Presidio Bowl

St. Ignatius Church

San Francisco Botanical Garden

San Francisco City Hall

The San Francisco Film Centre

San Francisco Spirit (boat)

San Francisco Zoo

Shakespeare Garden

Social Kitchen & Brewery

Sutro Heights Park

Terra Gallery

Trucadero Clubhouse and Grove 

Villa Fontaine


The Winery (Treasure Island)

Taverna Aventine (now closed)




Alameda Officers’ Club

Brazilian Room at Tilden Park

Campanile + Pauley Ballroom at MLK Student Union at UC Berkeley


Hotel Shattuck

Lake Temescal Beach House

Mather Grove at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden




Cavallo Point

The Corinthian Yacht Club

Deer Park Villa

First Presbyterian Church (Sausalito)

Marin Art & Garden Center

Old Mill Park (Mill Valley)

The Outdoor Art Club (Mill Valley)

Pacheco Ranch Winery

Presidio Yacht Club

St. Hilary School

Sausalito Yacht Club

Sausalito Campbell Hall & Garden



Beltane Ranch (Glen Ellen)

Bloomfield Farms (now closed)

Healdsburg Country Gardens (now Ru’s Farm)

Krug Winery

Mayacamas Ranch

Trentadue Winery

Villa Chanticleer (Healdsburg)

The White Barn





Ardenwood Historic Farm (Fremont)

Los Altos History Museum

Rengstorff House (Mountain View)



Chateau St. Julien (now Folktale Winery)

The Holly Farm



The Farm at Putah Creek

Park Winters

Terrain Ruisseau



Muckenthaler Mansion (Fullerton, CA)

Point Reyes Seashore Lodge

Pacifica State Beach

Ventana Inn (Big Sur)

Wild Iris Retreat Center (Philo, CA)

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